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Jan, 2023
Never Forgotten 34 After Action Report; Phoenix/Mesa Reunion Info & Registration
ASA Financial Statements; Deceased Members

Jan, 2022
Special Issue. Never Forgotten
Cover by COL Wolf Kutter, Narrative by Jim Garvin, Range 70-71

Jan, 2020
Irving, TX After Action Report; We've Got a Bug for That ...; Phoenix, AZ reunion info and registration (insert); The Not So Angry Sisters; Welcome Home 2019; ASA Financials, Minutes, Members.

Jan, 2019
Going to Vietnam to Face my Father's Ghost by Hugh Wilson; 2019 Dallas, Tx. Reunion info; ASA Financial Statements; New & Deceased Members.

Jan, 2018
After Action Report, D.C. 2017; Ceremony at the Wall; Orlando Information and Registration; ASA Financial Statements; Deceased Members

Jan, 2017
Seattle After Action Report; DC 2017 Reunion Information and Registration. Cancer Discovery by Bob Babas (Range 6, 68-69); ASA Year End Financial Statements; Minutes held 12May16 in 2016; New and Deceased Members, Getting Old by Kirk Davis (Range, 1971)

Jan, 2016
President's Message; 2017 Washington D.C. reunion; PTSD by Wayne Robinson;
Seattle Info and Registration; "Company Grade" by Rocky Colavita;
ASA Financial Stateements; D 2/8th Cav Decals.

July, 2015
I remember Nov 4, 165, Ia Drang Valley, LZ Cavalier; Register with Ease 10-years; New/Deceased Members; San Antonio Reunion After-Action Report; Financial Statements and Minutes of the Business meeting held 16May15; Red Lion Hotel in Seattle 2016

Jan, 2015
Open Letter to Anyone Who Served in Vietnam; President's Message; Kentucky Kampout; Our First Day Out; Reunion Info & Registration Form; Financial Statements. New/Deceased Memebers.

July, 2014
Terry Garlock speech; President's Message; Kentucky Kampout; Dominic Byers School Essay; New Members/Deceased; The Odyssey Years Book, Myrtle Beach Group Photo; Vietnam Memorial Essay, ASA Treasurer's Report, Business Meeting; San Antonio Reunion in 2014

January, 2014
Vietnam: Feb 2-4, 1970; President's Message; Terry Garlock, Speaker;
Kentucky Kampout; Reunion Info & Registration Form; Financial Statements

July, 2013
Women's View of Reunions; President's Message; San Diego Group Photo; Badge of Glory Banner; Stacey Smith Comes Through; KY Kampout/Cav Patch; New Members; San Diego Golf; Financial Statement and Minutes of the Business meeting held 22June13.

February, 2013
30 Minutes Later, by Kirk Davis (Skull 71); San Diego reunion 2013 Info and registration; Your Tour in Vietnam Poster; ASA Financial Statements; Myrtle Beach May 14th - 18th.

July, 2012
Heroes of the Vietnam Generation by James Webb; Boonie Hats in Denver; Financial Statements and Minutes of the Business Meeting held in Denver; Message from the President & Secretary; Group Photographs

February, 2012
Vietnam Vet Story by William Harrington (Range, 70-71); Denver 2012 Reunion
registration; ASA Financials; Veterans Day Surprise Reunion; San Diego in 2013

Grunt Melody, by Norm McDonald (Range, 71)
an excerpt from "Strength and Honor, America's Best in Vietnam by Terry Garlock

June, 2011
"I'm the One" by Dave Gough (Range/Skull, 70-71), ASA Financials, Business meeting minutes held 13May 11 in D.C., Annual KY Kampout Reunion Announcement

January, 2011
"Tea Time" by Michael Parmeley (Skull 6, 1968); VA Begins Paying for New Agent Orange Claims; D.C. Reunion Registration; ASA Financial Statements; Denver, Colorado in 2012
"Tea Time" audio

June, 2010
Once Upon a Vietnam, The Republic of, by D Rumppe (65-66);  WOW, by Tom Vollmar (Skull, 70-71); Vietnam Battle, by Dan Beese (Skull, 71-72); Vietnam Trips, by Jim Taylor (66-67); President's Message to All Angry Skipper Members; ASA Financial Statements ended June 7, 2010; Minutes of Business meeting held May, 2010

January, 2010
Misplaced Viet Lessons, by William Lloyd Stearman, D 2/8th CAV Honor Roll, Letter from Cpt. Mingles, Cdr, D 2/8th CAV in Iraq, ASA Financial Statements, D.C. in 2011, St Pete Beach Reunion Registration

June 2009
Reminder about the war in Vietnam, by Bill Neal (Skipper 6, 71), Membership info, Financial Statements, Business Meeting Minutes, San Antonio After Action Report, St. Pete Beach in 2010.

Jan 2009
Ghost Mountain by Ed Regan (Range 68-69); 2009 D 2/8CAV; St. Pete Beach, FL set for 2010; ASA Financial Statements Ended Dec 31, 2008;  San Antonio Registration.

June 2008

Funeral of MSG Clint Marshall; Salt Lake City After Action Report; Neil Shipp Brown, KIA 2May69; Last 4 Demon Commanders; ASA Financial Statements; Minutes of Business Meeting held 16May08.

January 2008

The First Week on the Bong Son Coast – Oct, 1966 by R. Lee Livingston; D Company (Demon), 2/8th CAV return home after 15 month tour;  VA Aid and Attendance General Information; New & Deceased Members; ASA, Inc. Year Ended 2007 Financial Statements; Vets can salute the Flag in civvies; Salt Lake City Reunion Registration and Information; $300 SS Benefits For Those Who Served.

June 2007

The Bob Hope Show, Dec 26, 1967 by Michael Parmeley (Skull 6, 1968); Ltr from Frank Trapnell (Recon 6, 1965); Veterans Survival Guide by John D. Roche; Freedom Team Salute; Introduction and update of the Demon's (D 2-8th CAV in Iraq); 2007 D.C. Reunion Attendee's List; Ltr from our new President, 1SG (ret) Chuck Kline (Recon/Weapons, 65-66); Washington D.C. "after action" report; ASA, Inc. Financial Statements ending May 22, 2007; Business Meeting minutes, held 18May07 at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Hotel; Salt Lake City 2008 Hotel Site Plan.


Feb 2007

Company D 2/8 in Iraq

Full Circle; Made a Difference; Original D 2/8 Guidon; Col. Thomas Blagg (Stone Mountain, 71-72) Silver Star;Vietnam Veterans Memorial stats; Dropshot Dispatch Chronicle; PTSD & ME by Chuck Hustedt; Message from President, ASA, Inc.; Portion of MG James Guest (retired) Orlando speech; Stolen Valor Act; New & Deceased Members; ASA, Inc. Year End Financial Statements; Board of Governors Election to be held in D.C.;  Washington, D.C. Reunion Registration and information; Extraordinary Heroism Pay.

June 2006

“Angry Skipper Association, Inc. Articles & Bylaws ratified; ASA owns its own website; 11th Airborne Assault to Airmobile; Message from the secretary; ASA obtains Liability Insurance; Medals requests; New Members since Jan, 2006; Financial statements ending May 25, 2006; Summary of Business meeting minutes; FROZEN IN TIME, by Col. George Mauldin (ret); Article by Silver Wings/SABER; Letter from Robert Johnson, President, 1st Cav Division Association; Purple Heart Hall of Honor; Angry Skipper lives today; 229th Aviation Company; Veterans Honor POW/MIA, Where to get Help.”

Jan. 2006

Jan, 2006: President's Message, Tax-Exempt Status Granted, Membership Cards, Demographics of Membership, Names of New Members, , Veterans gather in Calloway for "homecoming," Treasurer's Report as of December 31, 2005.  Orlando, Florida May, 2006 Reunion Registration and Details.

Sept. 2005

Sept, 2005: Better Lucky Thank Good? by Ed Regan, ASA, Inc. Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws, Treasurer's Report as of September 6, 2005. Announce Orlando, FL for May, 2006.  Report of Las Vegas, 2005 reunion with business meeting minutes

Nov. 11, 2001

Introducing the Newsletter; ASA reunion D.C. 2002; Presidents Corner; Memoir Moment - Firefight on the Mountain; PTSD; Reunion 2000 recap - San Antonio; on the Net for Vets;Book Review; Editorial; Vietnam related VA News.

Nov. 16, 2000

Nov. 22, 1998

Nov. 17, 1997

Aug 19, 1996

April 2, 1996

Jan. 17, 1994

Feb. 26, 1992

Angry Skipper Search, 8Jan92

Sept. 9, 1991

May 14, 1989

Mar. 5, 1989

Jan. 23, 1989

Oct. 10, 1988

Mar. 25, 1988

Feb. 11, 1988