If you were never issued your medals (as was the case of a friend of mine), or if they were lost in a fire, storm, flood, hurricane, or for some other reason - you may request replacements from the government at no expense to you.

It took 2 months for the government to reply to my initial request, so be prepared for an extended process. It took an additional 5-6 months for the medals to actually be sent.

You must fill out the “Standard Form SF-180” and send all documentation requested (plus additional material if you have any) to help speed the process. Go to the website listed below and follow the instructions.

1. Go to the following website for info on “Requesting Replacement Medals, Awards, and Decorations”:
the web address is:


2. Then, download “Standard Form SF-180” - print it out , fill it out, and mail it to the St. Louis address listed on the website along with your cover letter and all the other necessary documentation. Here is the address:

National Personnel Records Center
Medals Section (NRPMA-M)
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Medals Request Cover Letter (pdf document)

Medals Request Information (pdf document)

Standard Form-180 (pdf document)

Recommendation for Award

Thank you to Kirk Davis for passing on the information about how to request medals

Note: This only applies to any medals specifically issued by the U.S. Military. Medals such as the Vietnam Campaign Medal can be replaced by purchasing from some businesses online or possibly a military surplus store.