Angry Skipper Association, Inc.
ASA, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation organized under section 501 (c) (19) of the Revenue Code.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Certificate of Registration
Principal Register
"Angry Skipper Association"

Corporate Documents & Contacts
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Articles of Incorporation

By Laws

Tax Exempt Ruling Letter
Form 1024 New Jersey
 Tax Exempt Certificate
Tax Exempt Certificate

Tax Exempt Ruling Letter

Tax Exempt Certificate



Angry Skipper Association
Officers and Directors



Board of Governors
John Dullahan, President, johndullahan@comcast.net
Frank Guidara, Vice President, frankguidara@gmail.com
Ed Regan, Treasurer; Egbar4747@gmail.com
Robin Woo, Secretary; rwoo@surewest.net


Board of Directors
Doug Hilts, Chairman of the Board (Range, 70-71), hiltsdm@yahoo.com
Stan Dillon (Range, 70,71), standillon@insight.rr.com

Chuck Hustedt (Skull, 69), chuckinshh@icloud.com
Bob Burke (Skull, 70-71), (bob@reburkecpa.com)
Ed Regan (Range, 68-69) (Life Director) Egbar4747@gmail.com
Robin Woo (Skull, 71-72)
, rwoo@surewest.net
Tom Vollmar (Skull, 70-71), TJDTVOLL@aol.com